Prosperity in Kingdom Living Ministries
PO Box 618033 Orlando FL 32861
Telephone: 407.285.3542
How We Serve
Life Savers Program
This program helps young men
and women develop the skills to seek employment, through
training and job development.
Community Service
30 January, 2012
PKL Ministries gives back to our Communities in many different ways. Check here to see more and even get involved yourself.
Sports & Recreation
02 Feb, 2012
Our program will motivate, educate, encourage, and develop leaders in our youth to insure that they become respectful, productive citizens and leaders of the future.
About US

PKL Ministries is located in the Central Florida area. This Ministry was founded in 2004 by H.W. Jones, after being raised in the A.M.E. Ministry and called and ordained to preach the Gospel of Christ in 1980 at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church outside of El Paso, Texas under the leadership of Pastor C.B. Wells. While on active duty tour with the United States Army, Apostle Jones carried out his ministry duties until his honorable discharge. After serving his country, Apostle Jones moved to Daytona Beach, Florida where he opened a local business and continued to carry out his ministry at Mt. Bethel Baptist church in Daytona Beach FL, under the leadership of Pastor Tom E. Diamond. After relocating the business to Orlando, Florida in 1994, Apostle Jones carried out his Ministry at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, later renamed Agape Baptist Church. After departing from Agape Baptist in 2001, God continued Apostle Jones in his Outreach Ministry while working with persons with disabilities and mentoring young men, teaching them good moral standards and the way of the Lord.


             In 2006, Apostle Jones remarried to Teleshia Jones and moved forward into the Ministry that God had prepared for him. Teleshia started her career working with persons with disabilities. She continued to work passionately with others as she transitioned to working with the Juvenile Justice system as a Probation Officer. Through this journey she was able to mentor and encourage teenagers and young adults back to education and onto a better path in life. Currently, Teleshia serves as a administrator with Orange County Public School where she continues to mentor her students and colleagues while also working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.


              Together Apostle Jones and Teleshia Jones have dedicated their lives to helping others through service.  The blessings bestowed upon them have been plentiful and the quest to give back to others through unity and the teaching of the Gospel is the mission of PKL Ministries.


PKL Ministries is the vessel that will allow this team to mentor our young children, support our elderly, and provided guidance and assistance to all others.  We appreciate the love and support we receive from our love ones, especially the leadership and guidance from our mom and dad, Pastor Carl F. Brinkley and First lady Emma Brinkley.