Prosperity in Kingdom Living Ministries
PO Box 618033 Orlando FL 32861
Telephone: 407.285.3542
How We Serve
Life Savers Program
This program helps young men
and women develop the skills to seek employment, through
training and job development.
Community Service
30 January, 2012
PKL Ministries gives back to our Communities in many different ways. Check here to see more and even get involved yourself.
Sports & Recreation
02 Feb, 2012
Our program will motivate, educate, encourage, and develop leaders in our youth to insure that they become respectful, productive citizens and leaders of the future.

This program is design to help each program partner to gain wealth through unity and sharing the knowledge of a proven financial system.


By joining this program partners save money on services and products from participating business partners. There are three ways to earn income in this program.


  • By sharing this business concept with others.
  • Getting businesses to partner and advertise with us.
  • Working the system and recruiting others to do the same.

You can work this proven financial system part time or full time to increase your income.

Wouldn’t you like to earn an extra $500.00 – $1,000.00 a month part- time or $2,000.00 or more a month full- time? Your ability to gain financial freedom is solely up to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be financially free to spend time with the ones you love; taking vacations when you want to without worrying about returning to a 9-5 job; staying as long as you want in the place of your dreams; having the money to purchase your dream car or purchasing the home that you would want to spend the rest of your life in.


It can happen to you if you believe and work this proven system to achieve it.


  • Educational Program                      $100.00
  • Home Ownership Program            $100.00
  • Business Development Program  $100.00
  • Vacation Program                           $100.00

For more information go to Harvest 21.