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Life Savers Program
This program helps young men
and women develop the skills to seek employment, through
training and job development.
Community Service
30 January, 2012
PKL Ministries gives back to our Communities in many different ways. Check here to see more and even get involved yourself.
Sports & Recreation
02 Feb, 2012
Our program will motivate, educate, encourage, and develop leaders in our youth to insure that they become respectful, productive citizens and leaders of the future.
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Harvest 21 Sponsorship Program
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 Planting your seed to receive a harvest


You can sponsor a family member, friend, or neighbor by collecting donations to pay them forward into the program. This program will assist the sponsored person in need to meet their needs through collective efforts from others.



-Business Program


The business program is a sponsorship program for businesses to sponsor people in need by advertising their business in the PKL business directory.



Business owners will pay $150 for an advertisement set up fee for a standard advertisement, plus a monthly fee of $29.99 a month standard rate, but can upgrade the advertisement for an additional monthly rate based on the Ad design. Business owners and employees can participate in the sponsorship program by inviting other sponsors or businesses into the EEBD Program to help others in need. This will give each individual the opportunity to make additional income. In this program, an individual can earn income two ways. The first way is to sponsor a business into the program. The second way is to sell discount cards to individuals to receive discounts on products and services.




Individuals that become participants in the EEBD Program for earning income will be a self-contractor and receive a tax form 1099. The contractor will earn income by selling discount cards and can become a team leader in the lifesavers mentoring and tutoring program.


– Life Savers Program: Saving lives through dedication, education, and biblical teaching.


This program will help individuals complete a standard education or receive their GED and to go on to higher learning and or employment. This program is designed to gift up to $13,000 in one physical year per individual in the program based on gifts and donations.




Educational Program

Part 1: This program is to help youth in school build a scholarship account through the point system for volunteer services. This program start’s at the time the person is placed in the program with a $100 gift. This money will go into an educational fund account that cannot be activated until the person has completed high school or has earned a GED and wants to attend college or a trade school. This fund is tax-free and only to be used for educational purposes.


Part 2: student loan payoff

This part of the program is for people that are in the program as a mentor/ tutor, and is helping our youth meet the educational goals. Money for this program comes in two ways. One is through donations and the other is through working in the EEBD Program. This money is placed into an account only for deposit and has a direct pay to the student loan department, if your loans are not consolidated– and they must be consolidated—to one payee. This money should be tax-free if under $13,000 a year; varies by state.


After the loan is paid off, you can set up for the scholarship program to further your education or choose another program.


Home Ownership Program


Home ownership program is a program to help participants to save money for the purchase of a home. A portion of the money earned from the business part of the program will go into an account set up for home ownership. This money can only be used when it is time to purchase a home. Persons in this program will be set up with a credit counselor, real estate agent, or a person representing a real estate company to assist you in purchasing a home. Classes will be given from time to time to give individuals all resources available to purchase the home of their choice. The bank that you have your home ownership account set up with will give you the best rates possible based on your credit score. Once your home is purchased, you can join another program.


–  Business Development Program


This program is designed to help the participant save money to start a business of his or her choice. Money from this program can come from donations and business income from the EEBD Program. You can receive donations up to $13,000 a year if you are a mentor or tutor helping our youth reach their goals. You will have support from a startup business consultant, and a credit counselor after filing papers for your business you will have an opportunity to choose an accountant to help you with your financial budget for your business,


Vacation Program


This part of the program will help you save money for your vacation once a year at a minimum. This money can come from donations and from the EEBD Program. In this account, you can choose anywhere in the United States or from a list of vacations, spots around the world. You will have the option of a vacation planner to plan your vacation and the resources to get you the best rates possible for travel and accommodations. This does not include luggage fees, taxes, or any other fees associated with traveling /accommodations.


Job Opportunities

This program will assist you in finding a job. Helping you with resume building, job search, and teaching you interview skills. If the job market in your area is low because of the economy we would help, you learn skills for self-employment.