Prosperity in Kingdom Living Ministries
PO Box 618033 Orlando FL 32861
Telephone: 407.285.3542
How We Serve
Life Savers Program
This program helps young men
and women develop the skills to seek employment, through
training and job development.
Community Service
30 January, 2012
PKL Ministries gives back to our Communities in many different ways. Check here to see more and even get involved yourself.
Sports & Recreation
02 Feb, 2012
Our program will motivate, educate, encourage, and develop leaders in our youth to insure that they become respectful, productive citizens and leaders of the future.
PKL Ministries Educational Program

PKL Ministries Educational Program

This program is designed to help you build a financial future before completing school.

  • Reduce or eliminate your student loans.
  • Create income to help pay off debt and take care of day to day expenses.
  • Start saving now for future plans like purchasing a home or vacationing.
  • Get a fresh start upon completion of school by being debt free.


Student Loan Elimination

  • If you have completed school and you have student loans to pay back this program can help pay off your loans.
  • Your student loans can be eliminated in less than 24-36 months if you work to build your networking business to get people like yourself involved in this educational program.


Educational Program

  • Tutoring session for youth and adults in math, reading, and writing.
  • Educational funds for college or trade school. Plus once a year clothing voucher after the first six months of being in the program.
  • Student loans, grants, scholarship info. Tips and support on essay writing.


Economic Empowerment + CD

  • Educational Program
  • Grant, scholarship information
  • Student loan info (loan forgiveness)
  • Tips/ support essay writing


Home Ownership Program

  • Rental or home purchasing info
  • Credit Counseling/ negotiation
  •  Credit repair and debt counselor
  • Monthly budgeting plan
  • Debt- consolidation and credit monitoring
  • Credit counseling and rebuilding credit score


Business development

  • Information and training on development of a business plan.
  • Information on starting a home based business.
  • Information on starting a service business.



  • resume writing and interview training
  • employment search
  • Learning to work in the Kingdom of God


Vacationing Program

  • Earning income for a once a year vacation
  • Vacation planning
  • Passport information
  • choose from a three day or seven day week vacation plan
  • Choose from a list of vacation spots out of the country or anywhere in the United States.

Vacation Packages

  • vacation card
  • list of vacations
  • Bonus
  • Business opportunities’


PKL Ministries Economic Empowerment Program



Job opportunities

God does not want segregation he wants one congregation of Godly worshippers. PKL Ministries community activities and services are committed to changing the lives of each individual that makes a personal commitment of joining the program. Our goal is to reach out to every individual and help them to develop the hidden God given gift inside them. We are determined to reach out and make a difference in family life, community, and all around quality of life for all mankind through the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.